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An online portal to find healthy Boxer puppies for you or your family.

All puppies are either CKC registered &/or AKC registered. The AKC can take a CKC registration and research the family history and grant a CKC certification an AKC certification. In either event, either certification is acceptable, even one where the AKC has not researched the bloodline of an animal and not issued it's own AKC certification. Boxers are not purebreds, they originally came from mixing Bulldogs and Mastiffs. All dogs are derived from combining one breed with other (s).

Prepaid puppies can be shipped anywhere or interested purchasers may personally pick up their puppies. We the breeders / sellers reserve the right to not sell any puppy to anyone at their discretion. The preferred puppy buyer will be a suitable caring individual or family looking to enhance the Boxers and the families quality of life.

From our family to yours:

We have a large family and the owners of our small kennel located at our house in Huntertown, In. All of us, especially the younger children, enjoy playing with and feeding the puppies, and when you buy from us you can be sure your puppy will be well socialized and will have had plenty of love and attention and *NEVER IN CAGES!

Our puppies parents are **never caged and enjoy 14 acres to run freely, chase squirrels and play. Our puppies play, dig for moles, take naps in the sun and enjoy fresh air. Most of all, they explore all day and learn how to socialize and be happy.

We have been in the same location in Huntertown Indiana since 1995.

*bedtime is in cages to start crate training for buyers.
**caged during studding or when visitors are present.

Visitation policy:

Our home kennels are where current litters and future litters will be housed and we do not want any (disease) carried onto our premises especially from buyers who may not have properly inoculated animals or even live on acreage where disease can be spread from deer and a host of other animals in woods, watering holes etc...  Anything from tonsillitis, pneumonia, kennel cough to parvo. We have multiple kennels as everyone in our family is a Boxer lover and all locations are in mid to northeastern Indiana. Actual pup locations depends on which adults had the litter but no further than Indianapolis and no further north of Huntertown. If your buying a pup, simply ask us where the pups can be picked up and remember, we can deliver door to door in our vehicle with a pre paid delivery. .

Think of how you would feel for me to call you and tell you that your puppy is sick or has died. I've never had to make a call like that and hope I never will. Puppies are like newborn babies, until all shots are complete; they are susceptible to many different diseases and illnesses.

Below is information on one devastating puppy virus; one that can be carried in easily if one isn't very careful.

Parvo- (parvovirus), I've never had this at my home and I hope I never do. Canine Parvovirus, commonly referred to as parvo, is a very serious viral disease in dogs. The most common form of Parvo is intestinal and most commonly seen today. It causes extreme damage to the lining of the digestive tract. Parvo likes to grow in rapidly dividing cells and the intestinal lining has the biggest concentration of rapidly dividing cells in a puppy's body. The virus attacks and destroys certain portions of the intestinal tract. Even with this form of Parvo, heart muscle damage may also occur. Symptoms: Loss of appetite, Vomiting, Lethargy, High Fever, Diarrhea, often bloody, Foul smelling, liquid yellow stool. Parvovirus causes severe life-threatening illness, through dehydration, acid-base imbalance, infection and shock. If you suspect your pet may be infected, it is an emergency and you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Parvo is carried by dogs. Adult dogs may be infected carriers and not show signs. Dogs with the typical symptoms and diarrhea shed the virus perhaps for as long as 7 days after the symptoms have ended. Generally, it takes 3 to 10 days from the time of exposure for symptoms to appear and for your dog or pup to test positive. The onset of clinical signs is usually sudden, within 12 hours, or even less. The Parvovirus is particularly long-lived in the environment, lasting anywhere from 1 to 7 months, or even a year. Due to the large amounts of virus particles shed in the feces of an infected dog and the ability of the virus to survive, complete eradication of the virus is often impossible. Parvo may be brought home to your pup on shoes, hands, and even your vehicle tires. Even if your dog or pup does not leave your yard, they may get this disease if precautions aren't taken. STUDIES HAVE SHOWN THAT PARVO CAN STAY IN THE STOOL OF PARVO SURVIVORS FOR UP TO 6 MONTHS, WITH THE PUPPY/DOG SHOWING NO SIGNS OF PARVO.

****Taking precautions should never stop here; you need and should do the same when your puppy is home and until all vaccines are completed.

When you come to pick up your puppy please make sure that you do not bring any unwanted germs or viruses with you. We ask that you come directly from home with no stops. We rely on your honesty to protect our Boxers and their babies. In order to protect your (future) puppy and our own dogs, we must enforce this visitor's policy.

Thank you for understanding our protective policy.

Photo's of our Puppies:

If you're interested in one of our puppies, we will provide photos on our web site and update them every 2 weeks. We don't do it more often than that because they don't change much in a 2 week period. They are not very photogenic at such an early age and don't normally sit well for posing and are fidgety. It's not easy to get a decent shot of a puppy. We do try to get a different shot every 2 weeks to show profiles, markings, flash, etc. When they are first born up to when they start walking and open their eyes, they curl up a lot. We try to get pics of just the puppies, not of human hands holding them in awkward positions or blocking some of the puppy. This is the reason we space the pics every two weeks.

We also don't want our pages to load slower by adding tons of photos. You can watch your puppy grow every 14 days! They are ready for their forever homes at approx. 8 weeks old.

CKC vs. AKC (no real difference between the two).

We offer puppies that are either CKC &/or AKC pedigree. Puppies always come with their first shots, physicals completed, tails cropped and dew claws removed. What's the difference between a CKC and a AKC registration? None, other than they come from to different certifying entities with 2 different names.

Infact, you can take a CKC set of papers and have the AKC, grant AKC (their) registration, now you'll have both... Why would someone want to do this? To have both accreditation's I guess! Personally, if you have a pedigree puppy of ours, I don't see any difference in either of the accreditation's... In other words, is it a too-may-toe or a too-ma-toe / smith or smyth! It's 6 of 1 & half dozen of the other. If you purchase one of our pedigree puppies (we have bot CKC and AKC parents), you'll get a great puppy. If your looking for a show animal or eye candy, please contact much more expensive breeders to dazzle you and make you warm & fuzzy. We have pedigree family pets at a family price point. Buy from us for price, reliability and convenience.

Pics, articles & links / web site interaction.
Pictures, articles and links are presented to help a current or soon to be Boxer owner enhance their experience with this breed and to improve your online viewing experience and interaction with our web site..

Should you have any concerns about your Boxer, consult your veterinarian. All information on this site is presented for educational and informational purposes and should not, at any time, be considered a substitute for seeking or receiving veterinary care for your Boxer or any animal.

Any suggestions, questions or comments, don't hesitate to submit them on our Contact Us link.

We do not breed to the latest fashion or trend, like blonde haired, blue eyed Germans in world war II, but to our own vision of the ideal Boxer that roots in deep respect to the Standard and originators of the breed. We find health, temperament and conformation of the Boxer to be of equal importance , and we strive to keep all three balanced in our breeding program. We do not do extensive testing on our Boxers. We have a typical strong bloodline of Boxers that we are satisfied with, none which have been tested or cleared for hip dysplasia, spondylosis, cardiac abnormalities, annual eye and thyroid checkups just to name a few. We find it to be more important to keep the working heritage of the breed and pay special attention to our dogs possessing balanced drives and proper Boxer attitude. We could do this but we don't only because we don't want to have to raise prices to cover these costs. Typically parents that have gone through rigorous, extensive and costly tests causes costs of their puppies to rise. These costs for testing can would be MANY thousands of dollars that we would have to pass on to you. No Boxer will live to that of typical humans no matter how much you invest in them. Boxers typically can live to upwards of 10 years. To purchase a Boxer puppy for thousands of dollars to us is nice but over rated. Even if a Boxer parent (s) received extensive testing, they will still eventually pass away from something, no matter what! We don't want to breed temporary super "humans" (Boxers). We do have very healthy parents and are satisfied with this or we wouldn't reproduce their offspring's. We focus more on a quality puppy from a quality parent. We do not breed for size or other extreme traits - we focus on routinely obtaining a correct Boxer that is athletic and beautiful, fit and sound, healthy and stable, happy and friendly. We are focused on producing dogs able to be versatile performers and competitive breed dogs - ones able to be healthy, pleasant companions for a decade or more. We do not emphasize "overdone" heads or size at the expense of health, type and temperament. It's that simple, we keep it simple and offer family affordable price points...

Our boys are typically 60-63 cm tall and weigh at 30-37 kg upon full maturity, while girls are usually 55-58 cm and weigh 24-28 kg. Some may be a little bigger or smaller.

Our Boxers typically enjoy long healthy lives the way nature intended. We strive to keep their natural vitality and immunity uncompromised. Our dogs do not have allergies, sensitive stomachs and other ailments commonly labeled "Boxer issues" by many. We feel that in the modern world too many dogs have their health destroyed by preventative medicine and the concept of treating a problem rather than a whole dog, and we are always glad to help other Boxer fanciers in their attempt to learn more about proper care and diet. Just email us and we're happy to become pen pals with you.

We expect our dogs to thrive on a simple regimen of quality nutritious and often raw food, kindness, good exercise and a full family life. Normally our dogs eat on demand to food provided to them (store bought Nutro Ultra, and the same food we eat as humans for their dinners) in our kitchen area where we dine. We deliberately do not raise "high-maintenance" or otherwise fussy dogs and breed only dogs fundamentally robust. We are working towards specifically select pups for physical vigor and color combinations .

As of January 2015, we share our home with 7 adult dogs, 13 months to 10.5 years old. We are also looking to co own dogs in different countries. We have been breeding an average of 2.8 litters a year, sometimes skipping a year or two entirely for a little extra rest and a break.

It is very important to us to keep our dogs happy and provide them with the best care possible. In our kennel no expense is spared when it comes to our dogs' health and comfort! We strongly believe that Boxers are family dogs first and foremost, and all of our dogs enjoy extensive daily interaction with us and each other. As breeders, we have a true love for the Boxer breed, and consider our dogs as a part of our family . Our home is one of the very few kennels where the dogs' birthdays are celebrated. Our dogs always get Thanksgiving dinners wit s, along side us in our kitchen. We have great confidence in the quality of our dogs, and always have a hard time "letting go". We have raised our puppies since birth and watch them grow, we nurture them with love and care and we will not let our time and energy go to waste on someone who does not care about his dog or regards it simply as his image enhancer.

IN CASE YOU MISSED THIS - we will not let our time and energy go to waste on someone who does not care about his dog or regards it simply as his image enhancer. We put a lot of ourselves into the Boxers we raise and we invest much time and love, as well as money. Only very few select people are given a privilege of having one of our puppies and have no problems refusing sales to anyone. With as many adults as we have, the costs are high so please don't offend us by asking us to discount one of our puppies.

We breed for a whole family dog - not exclusively a "show" animal and we don't like buyers looking for "eye candy" or a trophy animal... ! Our dogs are home reared, widely socialized and are all cherished family companions first and foremost. Sound, sane and Boxer - that is our goal.

Like all reputable breeders we breed only to replenish our own stock and continue our bloodline. There are times when we will hand select outside our bloodline if we find something that will enhance what we produce. We will accept an outside of our bloodline Boxer only after a full and objective assessment for quality of health, temperament and type has been made of each particular Boxer we choose. That's about it!!!

We don't discriminate against buyers by category, but do reserve the right to refuse sales at our own discretion. We are seeking loving owners who are interested in providing best care and at least basic training to our puppies and will actively involve them in family and other activities. We expect the owners of our puppies to understand and appreciate the hard work that went into creating their companions and we want them to be proud of their Boxers from us! We do maintain a waiting list and suggest you consider "emailing early" as that list can get rather long between litters. Puppies are MAINLY sold as non-breeding companions (i.e. pet and performance prospects) never - as show prospects and only RARELY as breeding prospects but only to folks with whom we have established exceptional trust. All are matched by temperament and talents to specific homes, so we need to know you to know if we have what you want.

If you would like to talk to us about our puppies, please contact us and first tell us what you think we should know about you. We are happy to talk about the breed and happy to educate, but hesitant to talk about sales until we know to whom we are selling. For further information on what is essentially going to be a somewhat extended dialogue between potential buyer and our family. Contact us - if we are going to have a dog in common we need to first get to know each other.

Puppy sales are never the point of having a litter! We do not believe there is money to be made in Boxer breeding when conducted properly. We do make money but we also have tremendous maintenance inside and outside. We have lots of wear and tear from having so many dogs. From screens and window sills to trampled grass from a heard usually in perpetual play time!

Our puppies are born in a clean and comfortable "nest" lined with a thick layer of straw about 8-10 inches thick. Usually this is done outside in our yard in a very large pen (to keep the other adults away but within eye shot of the birthing) and then brought indoors in a large pole barn designed for our new litters. The nest is carefully cleaned as needed, and we have a thermometer to ensure optimum temps for the puppies and the dam. In colder months, whelping is done indoors in a special room in our home and again with a straw base and climate controlled so we don't have shivering puppies.

No bare wooden floors and no newspapers here! For the first two weeks of their lives the puppies are supervised around the clock - In either event, the nest is carefully cleaned as needed, and we have a thermometer to ensure optimum temps for the puppies and the dam. All puppies are handled daily and are subjected to early neurological stimulation and small amounts of stress to help them develop into well-rounded brave and calm dogs. We have our vet dock the tails, rarely is there bleeding, ever. We also remove the front dew claws on our puppies. This prevents accidents, pain and vet bills for you later. We do not do ear cropping. We do not have show dogs, so we see no need for this. Though cropping is attractive, but many pet buyers these days opt to not crop, given the expense and expertise required. Supplemental feeding starts at about three to five weeks of age and consists of Nutro Ultra puppy blend, with whole grains and natural oils, but we only wean the puppies when the dam wishes us to do so. Sometimes our puppies continue nursing until 5-7 weeks of age. At four weeks the puppies start getting trips outside (except in winter), we then put them on play rugs that are rubber backed for play times and exercise. They are introduced to new places and people, strange surroundings, loud noises, different footing, etc. We believe it is very important to start socializing puppies early. They always have a wide variety of toys for them to play and chew on. From five to six weeks on the babies get to really meet our other adult dogs. In warmer weather, they go on short trips with all of our adult dogs to a nearby area well away from automobiles, full of tall grass, trees and brush where they all enjoy different exposures to other environments and nature.

Our adult dogs frequently go on car rides and accompany us on picnics. We observe the puppies closely and know their personalities very well by the time they go to their new homes.

We do not tattoo or microchip our puppies. We do recommend you microchip your puppy.

Puppies leave here having what is typical for all well bred dogs - they will be checked by our veterinarian and receive physicals before they are released to you. They are checked for general temperament and health, and should receive leash and house training, with crate training and grooming procedures such as nail clipping, ear cleaning, etc. We do start potty training in warmer months right after weaning to help you in your continued training. veterinarians before they leave. If you live far away from us, an option is for you to fly in and take the pup home around eight weeks when it is still small enough to be taken on the flight in the cabin with you in a soft-sided carrier. We expect to remain in contact with all our puppy buyers and hope to hear from you often. Pictures as they develop are REALLY APPRECIATED! We are there for your questions and to help whenever we can. As we said, we spare no expense in breeding, care and upbringing of our Boxers, and we want to place them with people who will love and enjoy them. We like to think of our Boxers being unique works of art - we know how much hard work goes into making a beautiful healthy and intelligent Boxer!